Floor plan

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All plans layouts, designs, specifications and information contained herein are subject to change as required by the relevant authorities and/or the developer’s architect and cannot form part of an offer or contract. Whilst every care has been taken in preparation and providing this information at the time, the Vendor, Proprietor, Developer & its authorised employees and/or agents cannot be held liable for any variation(s). All illustrations, drawings, designs, sketches, models, images, visuals and pictures are artist’s impressions only. The items are subject to variations, modifications, changes and substitutions as may be recommended by the Company’s consultant and architect and/or relevant Approving Authorities.

Developer License No.: 14343-1/05-2018/0328(L) • Advertising and Sales Permit No.: 14343-1/05-2018/0328(P) valid from: 12/05/2016 to 11/05/2018 • Approving Authority: Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur • Approved Building Plan No.: (18) dlm. BP T1 OSC 2015 1817 • Land Tenure: Leasehold 99 years (Expire on 19 July 2109) • Restriction In Interest: The land shall not be transferred, leased, or charged without prior approval by the Kuala Lumpur Land EXCO • Expected Date of Completion: June 2020 • Land Encumbrances: None • Type of Property: Service Apartment • Total No. of Units: 185 • Min Price: RM1,110,719 Max Price: RM2,294,159 • 5% Bumiputra discount